What Is Your Vocation?

The word vocation is derived from the Latin word vocare, “to call,” which means a vocation is a calling. Everyone has a vocation to holiness, a universal call to holiness, which Christ gives to us in the Gospel (John 13:34): I give you a new commandment: love one another.

As Christians, we realize this call according to different states of life. Some will build up the Mystical Body of Christ through a life of prayer as single people. Others will be called to sanctity through the life of marriage and family. Others will discern a vocation to consecrated religious life as a brother or a sister. The Church will call some men to become her priests and deacons.

Learning about Vocations

There are many helpful resources available to assist with discernment and formation. Here are just a few:

Prayer to know my Vocation

"Heavenly Father, I believe that you have created me for a special mission. From the moment I began to live in my mother’s womb, you have been preparing my path to Heaven. Lord, show me your will for my life. Help me to trust you, no matter the cost. Help me to believe that I will be happiest doing your will. Give me the grace to say yes to what you ask of me today so that I can say yes to my vocation. I make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen."

Vocations from Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

At St. Bernard of Clairvaux, we are blessed to have young men and women who have decided to say “yes” to the priesthood or religious life. Please take a moment to read the biographies and information of some of our very own.

Father Christopher Gossen

Read more about Fr. Gossen

Sr. Mary Bethel of the Missionaries of Charity

Olivia Swinford (Domincan Sisters of Hawthorne)

Vocations in the Domestic Church

At St. Bernard’s, we are also blessed to be the home of several parishioners whose sons or daughters have answered the called to serve God and His Church.

In addition to the names above, the priests below have been supported by their parents and we are grateful that their parents belong to our parish community.

Fr. Eugene Mary of the Trinity

Fr. David Sanfilippo

Fr. John Nahrgang