2022 Annual Parish Financial Report

July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 (12 Fiscal Months)


Sunday Plate income only covered 83% of parish Expenditures.

49% of June donations were electronic—down 4% from June 2021.

Parish operating expenses were 8% higher than last year.

Centered in Christ campaign Received – pledges from 201 families totaling $1,317,000. To date, all of the $877,000 received and spent on the HVAC, Rectory architectural costs, campaign costs and Endowment funding. Approximately $440,000 of pledges are still to be collected without any reserve for uncollectible pledges.

Parish has ~$3.3M of capital projects remaining. Parish has unrestricted operating cash representing about two months of expenses. Goal is to have 3 months of expenditures in savings plus 1 month of operations in checking.

We depend on your financial support and ask you to consider using our electronic giving.