A Message From Our Pastor

02-05-2023Pastor's LetterFr. Mike Straley


Many of you know that February kicks off our annual Diocesan Charity and Development Appeal (CDA). This is how our diocese supports so many outreach programs and ministries throughout our diocese including: Catholic education, Sanctity of Life, support of poorer parishes, and the poor and needy among us.

As a former director of the Newman Center at Northern Arizona University I can testify the importance of our three Newman Centers in our diocese. Two of them are at state universities where the Catholic faith is often ridiculed in classes. For students to have a place to gather and celebrate with other Catholics is critical to helping them grow in their faith.

I am currently on the Advisory Council for our diocesan seminary, Nazareth House, which depends on CDA support to continue and grow. Nazareth House allows our beginning seminarians to learn and grow here in their own diocese the first two years of formation. This coming year we are expanding to add a third year program of spirituality, following the new Program of Priestly Formation from the United States Council of Catholic Bishops. I might add, we have more seminarians now than we have ever had in the history of our diocese!

Please read the CDA information you are given and help us share our Catholic faith in our community.


Fr. Mike