Solemnity of the Baptism of Our Lord

01-09-2022Pastor's LetterFr. Michael Straley

Today is the Baptism of the Lord and the end of the season of Christmas. From now on we will walk with Jesus through his adult life and ministry. It is a time to listen and learn from our Lord. Although we call this time “Ordinary Time” there is nothing ordinary about it; actually the word comes from “ordinal” or “counted time”.

We will begin our normal activities and schedules so it is important to watch the bulletin or check the website for details. As I look at our calendar we will have a busy year ahead of us.

During the Christmas season, we had many visitors and many comments on how welcomed they felt. As we return to more normal, I ask you to consider volunteering for one of our many ministries. Visitors find us “welcoming” because of those who welcome everyone coming to church. We can always use more help with this ministry; also we could use more ushers in the church. We would love to have three Altar Servers every Mass so anyone who is confirmed and received Holy Communion is welcome, yes, even high school and college students.

All liturgical ministers are well trained, you are interested please contact Kathy Stine or the office. Thank you.