Upcoming Sacrament Mass

05-08-2022Pastor's LetterFr. Michael Straley

Next Saturday we will celebrate First Holy Communion and Confirmation with a group of our young children. Please remember to pray for them. After Confirmation, they are able to serve at the Altar at Mass, so we will be having training in the next month or so. Any others who would like to serve should call Fr. Simon or Kathy Stine at the office. This is an important ministry in our parish and we could use more help, especially with older students.

After next weekend, Fr. Simon will be on a much-deserved vacation from Monday-Friday. This is his post-Easter time off. Also, please remember to pray for Fr. Simon during this time of rest and relaxation. The following week I will be gone to Mexico from Monday-Thursday, visiting some of my “kids” in the high school.

May you continue to have a Holy Easter season.